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Terms & Conditions


  1. The Hudson’s Heritage Explorer Pass Scheme 2013 (the ‘Scheme’) is operated by Hudson’s Media Limited (‘HML’) on behalf of the heritage partners and sites participating in the Hudson’s Heritage Explorer Pass (‘the Pass’). The Pass entitles the named Pass holder to free admission throughout 2013 to all heritage sites participating in the Pass and listed in the Property Listings in the Handbook and on the website The listing of participating attractions may be varied from time to time in the course of the Pass year; please check the website for details. The Pass cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer.
  2. The Pass must always be presented to gain free admission to the heritage sites listed in the Handbook and on the website If not, you will be asked to pay normal admission fees which are not refundable.
  3. Pass holders visiting any one of the three individual houses that collectively make up the single Shakespeare’s Birthplace and the Shakespeare Town Houses heritage site must ensure that the ‘SBT’ box on the reverse of the Pass is marked by staff at the first house visited. Pass holders visiting the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site will be provided with one of that attraction’s own ‘passport tickets’ on first presenting their Pass.
  4. All heritage sites listed are contractually bound to offer admission on this basis. While HML will use all reasonable endeavours to arrange admission to these heritage sites by Pass holders, HML is not liable for any loss if any heritage site, contrary to the terms of its contract with HML, refuses admission. Admission is during each heritage site’s opening times and is subject to each site’s normal admission criteria and regulations. Very occasionally free or discounted admission with the Pass may be withdrawn when the site designates an open day for charity.
  5. The Pass does not necessarily guarantee free or discounted admission to everything on offer to the visitor at the given heritage site. For example, there may be a special attraction or feature (e.g. special rooms, garden, museum, adventure playground, game park, car park), a special event (e.g. guided tour, festival, re-enactment) or a special or permanent exhibition which may be under separate management and is not included in the normal admission price and therefore not included in the Pass, and for which an additional charge may be payable. We have tried to indicate where such exclusions exist but please check the Property Listings pages carefully for more information or contact the relevant site. You can also check on the website


  1. The Pass is only valid when bearing (i) the name of the Pass holder; (ii) the correct start and end dates corresponding to the duration of the Pass purchased (3, 7, 14 or 28 days). In order to activate the Pass, the holder must add their name to the Pass on receipt and ensure that the correct start and end dates are added by staff at the first heritage site visited and that they sign the Pass. The validity period of the Pass begins from the start date (the date of the first visit) and is for consecutive days. Please note that a day is based on a calendar day. For example: a 3-day Pass that is first used at 2.00 pm on 1 May 2013 is valid up to and including 3 May 2013.
  2. The Pass is non-transferable and can only be used by the person whose name appears on the Pass. Your Pass number may be recorded and you may be asked to sign in.
  3. The Pass is only valid for one entry per heritage attraction per Pass holder. Multiple visits to the same heritage site are not permitted and entrance will be refused. The heritage sites will report all cases of abuse to HML.
  4. The Pass is valid for use as described above throughout 2013. Admission to holders of a 2013 Pass from 1 January 2014 to 31 January 2014 is purely at the discretion of those heritage sites open during this period and cannot be guaranteed. The 2013 Pass will no longer be valid at any heritage site after 31 January 2014.

Opening times

  1. The information on opening times in the Handbook and website was correct, based on the information supplied, at the time of going to press in November 2012. Some properties close for lunch, especially during winter. Last admissions are generally 30 minutes to one hour before closing. Most properties remain open on Bank Holidays (public holidays), but some sites may be closed. Almost all sites are closed around Christmas and New Year. Very occasionally it may be necessary to change opening times or to close at short notice. All opening times are subject to change and we strongly recommend that you check before you travel in order to avoid possible disappointment, especially before making a long journey. Each heritage site listed has a telephone number for further information.
  2. Many sites have limited opening times in winter, or may be closed; again, we recommend that you check before you travel. Please take winter opening times into consideration when planning your trip in order to make the best use of your Pass, especially if there is a heritage site that you particularly wish to visit.

Groups of more than ten people

  1. The Pass is not generally intended for groups of more than ten people. If you are a larger group, we strongly recommend that you call the heritage site(s) you wish to visit in advance to make any necessary entry arrangements.
  2. Please note that the following heritage sites do NOT admit groups of more than ten people using the Pass, and you must contact them directly before your visit to make arrangements and agree entrance fees: Hever Castle and Gardens; Royal Pavilion; Anne Hathaway’s Cottage; Mary Arden’s Farm; Shakespeare’s Birthplace and the Shakespeare Town Houses. The list of attractions not admitting groups of more than ten may change in the course of the Pass year; please check the website for details.
  3. Please consult the terms and conditions that apply to the specific outlet or source (online or offline) from where you originally purchased the Pass. Each outlet will have its own individual refunds policy with associated terms and conditions. The outlet is responsible for ensuring that its refunds policy is in accordance with applicable law.


  1. Evidence of non-compliance with or abuse of the above conditions of use may result in Pass holders not being granted free admission to the participating heritage sites listed in the Handbook or on the website


The portfolio
  1. The Handbook goes to press in advance of the launch of the 2013 Pass. HML therefore gives no warranty and/or makes no representation that the 2013 Pass will include all of the heritage sites listed in the Handbook, and accepts no liability whatsoever for any claims, damages, losses, costs, expenses and liabilities arising from such non-availability or non-inclusion.
  2. The mix of participants in the Scheme and the resulting Pass portfolio changes from calendar year to calendar year. Anyone purchasing a Pass in the calendar year preceding the calendar year of actual travel to or in England does so at the risk of NOT being able to visit a heritage site or sites (however central they might have been to their plans) that are no longer in the Scheme and HML accepts no liability for any resulting loss or disappointment.
Heritage sites
  1. HML has taken all reasonable care to ensure that only properly-run heritage sites are included in the Scheme. Pass holders visit all heritage sites voluntarily and entirely at their own risk. HML is not in any way responsible for any deficiencies or for the condition of the heritage sites or for third party acts or omissions at any location. Any complaints or claims for redress must be made directly to the relevant site.
Paid advertisers
  1. The Handbook and website may contain paid, commercial advertising. There is no guarantee that any heritage site or attraction represented editorially and/or visually within this paid advertising is a participant in the Pass.
  2. Whilst HML has taken all reasonable care to ensure that only reputable advertisers are included, HML accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the quality of product or service offered by these paid advertisers.
General liability
  1. The information contained within the Pass Handbook and the website has been published in good faith on the basis of information submitted to HML. While every effort has been made to ensure that this information is correct, HML regrets that it cannot guarantee complete accuracy and accepts no responsibility for any error or misrepresentation. All liability for loss, disappointment, negligence or other damages caused by reliance on the information contained in this publication and website is hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. HML also cannot accept any liability for loss caused by the bankruptcy, or liquidation, or insolvency, or cessation of trade of any heritage site, company, firm or individual contained in the Handbook or website As changes often occur after press date, you are strongly advised to confirm the information given (particularly opening times, dates etc.) before making final arrangements. Please check the website for any updates.